Workout Supplement Woodland Hills

Workout Supplement Woodland Hills

Most people claim you don't need workout supplements in order to get a good workout. For people eating a balanced diet, they may not be necessary; however others may have a hard time getting all the nutrition they need to do a good workout because of food allergies, other health conditions, or personal preferences. Workout supplements are beneficial for those people; here, we'll discuss the different types of workout supplements Woodland Hills residents could benefit from.

Whey protein

This supplement is great for people who are trying to maintain or increase muscle, or those who aren't eating at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Protein is essential for building muscle, and whey protein supplements are low in calories, but high in protein.

Other benefits of whey protein

It's absorbed more quickly than other types of protein; this makes it a great choice for after a workout.


Creatine can be a great supplement for boosting muscle growth and strength if you don't get enough protein through red meat or other sources. Most people need one to three grams of creatine every day to maintain normal stores in their body. However, athletes and larger people may need as much as 10 grams per day

Is there a certain type of creatine supplement I should be taking?

There are many types of creatine supplements, but creatine monohydrate is the best. If you take creatine, expect your weight to go up slightly when you first start taking it - most people experience water retention when they take it.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Most people discourage branched chain amino acids, however they can be useful for reducing muscle soreness and they could be good for muscle growth.


You may be getting enough caffeine in your diet if you drink sodas or coffee. If not, caffeine is a good choice for people who want to increase their running speed or increase endurance, but there's little evidence that's beneficial for muscle growth.

Who is caffeine good for?

Caffeine is a good choice for athletes who need steady, sustained energy. It's also been shown to improve performance in team sports like soccer and basketball - these sports in particular require a long period of play with bursts of high intensity effort.

Research suggests you should have 6 mg of caffeine for each kg of body weight. That means someone weighing 150 pounds would need 204 mg of caffeine. You can get the most benefit out of caffeine if your body hasn't built a tolerance. So when getting ready for a race or event, don't take caffeine for a week, then take it again right before your race or event.

These are the main workout supplements Woodland Hills residents can benefit from. When choosing a supplement, consider what benefits you're looking for - if you want to increase muscle endurance, whey protein may be the best choice for you. If you want to increase speed, especially before a race or sporting event, caffeine may be a better choice. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about which supplement is best for your needs and your health concerns.


Workout Supplement Woodland Hills
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