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About Us

We are not your typical nutrition company.  We don’t offer endless options of products in the hopes to make as much money as we can.  We don’t chase dollars, we chase lasting solutions to real problems that we all have.  You won’t find gimmicky products, trending diets, or flash-in-the-pan results.

What you WILL find is that we have exhausted ourselves to bring quality that pass our rigorous rubric.  We ONLY offer products from people we know, facilities we’ve inspected, and with whom we have done business in the past.  There is no risk-taking when it comes to your health.  We believe that a natural approach to medicine and supplementation not only gets you healthy, but ensures you stay that way.

Our team came from many different environments; Military, Cannabis, Nutraceuticals, Fitness, Consulting.  We are not career marketers, we are not silver-tongued sales people, we are just concerned with the quality, integrity, and efficacy of the products we offer.

We are a marketplace that brings products together in an easy to navigate environment, where we can help guide you to the right product, not the right brand. We don’t get commissions, we are not influenced by sales incentives and we are not affiliates.  We are educated, experienced people who care so much we can’t stand to stand by.

Our Team

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    Tom Beighley

    Founder & CEO

  • team-member

    Spencer Beaudreault

    Founder/VP Business Development

  • team-member

    Erik Jensen

    Founder, COO

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